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Marco "Corvino Traxx" began working as a professional DJ on Italian radio in 1985 and from there went on to work with the legendary "Angels of love" promotions company in Naples working alongside almost every headline DJ and house act at the time and DJ'ing in the USA, France, England, Germany and many other countries across the globe..

Nearly a decade after first turning professional DJ Marco Corvino decided the time was right to venture into the studio and in 1995 his debut production alongside Marco Carola "don't you know" was released on UMM records. The following year saw him release on the now legendary M.A.W records under his pseudonym "Corvino Traxx". With many labels now chasing Marco to release on their label his next commercial release was "Neapolis" on the Canadian duo Dino and Terry's "Vinyl Peace records".

Many more releases and remixes followed over the coming years most notably on AOL records, Crowd LTD, Deck records, Planet records, Test records, Soul Groove records and Sound on wax records these releases received great support across the globe from many A list DJ's and impressively receiving huge support from the legendary Tony Humphries. Marco has also collaborated on many projects most notably with Mika Clausell, Gerideau, Brian Chambers, Simon Cooper, Marcello Coleman and Keith Thompson.

Marco's output in the studio has never ceased and he has had numerous worldwide hits among the global house music community and in his native country Italy so it is with great enthusiasm that we are proud to announce this latest member to the WeAreOne events Marco Corvino "Corvino Traxx".

Marco is co founder of On Fleek , and Teacher at Camp Academy for Dj School and Music Production

---Every Thursday at 20:00 (Greece Local Time) he presents his 1 hour dj set at Bocca Radio---

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